Made this video for the event Kunst en cultuur op Scheveningen (Art and Culture at Scheveningen), which was held in and around the Oude Kerk in Scheveningen. With music from the band Piñata.

Valerie Braboux - Wait and Follow. Recorded by Joost Kok at E Flat Land studio, mixed by Tom Giles. Video by Savas Tubbing.

Dropmix - Damn I Hate Disco. Produced by: Redelijk Mannelijk Producties. Facilities by SavaSound.

The Great Communicators - We Run We Stay. Filmed by Savas Tubbing & Parcifal Werkman | Edited by Parcifal Werkman | Mixed, mastered and recorded by Martin van den Oetelaar.

The Great Communicators - Fruit. Recorded in february 2014 at The Basement and in The Womb (The Hague, NL) Camera & video edit by Savas Tubbing

Slideshow with sound design by SavaSound, for the exhibition 'Hellas in Holland 25 years later' organised by Filotechnia Foundation in collaboration with Allard Pierson Museum 26 June - 6 September 2015

Documentary about de binckhorst by Marsel Loermans & Wilma Marijnissen. Music and sound by SavaSound.

Piñata - Divine Intervention. Edit by Rens van Rijn. Filmed by Piñata, Savas Tubbing, Georgi Tsobekhia, Maarten Slooves.

Below you can watch some of my older experimental videos.

Sound design project in Ableton Live. I created feedback loops using only a single snare drum sample and using lots of reverbs and delays feeding each other. I tried VJ-ing myself for the first time (with NuVJ), and used some videos from my mobile phone.
For scariest results, listen on highest quality with headphones!

Dubstep video remix I made about Peter Popoff, an american televangelist faith healing fraud who scammed thousands of people and made millions by performing fake revival meetings on national television, which include 'laying on hands'. This footage comes from the 80's, but he is currently still active selling bullshit products like 'miracle spring water'...

Composed, mixed and (video) edited in Ableton Live 8, finalized in iMovie '11.

James Randi Debunks Peter Popoff
Peter Popoff on Wikipedia